Delicious food for every event, fishing trip and happening! 


Food is very important part of our services, and not least because Henrik, the CEO of Vapaaherranelämää is also a head chef with over two decades of experience as a professional chef in many different restaurants. He also appears in one of the most popular TV-shows in Finland, where he comments on cooking, as different celebrities’ host’s dinners to each other.

Besides mouth watering meals and snacks that we serve, we also do different kinds of cooking classes at Artalli. 

Your catch of the day can be prepared in to a delicious part of lunch or dinner by as or as a cooking class whit you.   

In the autumn we can take you hiking in nearby forest and pick up berries and mushrooms on the way. And then do a cooking class on preparing them in to a delicacy and serve it as a part of day’s dinner. 


From Artalli we also do catering for dinners, weddings and company events, for up to 100 people.

If you are interested in cooking and other activities surrounding food, tell us your whishes and we will plan a perfect day, all about excellent food!