Our methods of fishing

Come and enjoy fishing to the fullest!


We got the best equipment for all the various ways and techniques required for catching fish on any given situation. And with some 150 rods and reels, thousands of different kinds of lures and baits, we can supply gear for even bigger groups. Our skilled guides will take you to the best places and teach the most efficient way of fishing for that particular day and wanted game fish.


Fishing can be done from shores and piers or as usually the case, from one or more of our fishing boats. At the pier of our restaurant & sauna Artalli, awaits the ultimate fishing boat Hauki, ready to take even 12 people fishing to Lake Vikträsk, Pikkala River and the Baltic Sea, all in one trip!


We mainly use Catch & Release policy, but we are also more than happy to prepare some of the days catch in to a delicious part of fishing trips lunch or dinner, if wanted.


You can reed more on used fishing techniques and from few of our fishing trip examples from these pages. Or just contact us and tell your wishes on a day of fishing and let us for fill them!