Day of Ice fishing at Artalli

Unforgettable experience in this winter wonderland!


Only 40 kilometers west of Helsinki city center. Our lakeside restaurant & sauna Artalli is surrounded by one of the most beautiful nature scenery you can find in southern Finland. 


On the lake we offer various exiting ways of ice fishing and guide you to master them.  


At Artalli we can also put nets under the ice in advance and pull them up together at the end of a fishing trip. It is very exiting to see what kind of fish has been swimming under our feet’s and at the same time  guarantee a catch to be prepared for a delicious lunch or dinner.
We have all the needed outdoor clothes and gear for 30 persons to try out ice fishing. Pants, jackets, hats, gloves, boots and socks that we provide, keeps you warm even in temperatures of -25*C.
Also snowmobile and an ATV with sledges are at our use to move people and gear on the ice for customers convenience.  


After a day out in sub zero temperatures, our sauna and a warm outdoor bath on its terrace will get your blood flowing again. Also ice-swimming is possible for them who dare.


After sauna its time to dine in our cosy dinning room with fireplace and of course start the dinner with delicates from the days catch.


We always do a tailored offer based on your wishes and here is our starting prices:



All inclusive ice fishing trip from Artalli starts from 40 € / person / 4 hours


Exclusive ice fishing day at Artalli starts from 150 € / person.


Exclusive ice fishing day includes lunch, dinner, snacks, beverages, hot drinks, outdoor clothing, guides, fishing gear, sauna & outdoor tub, one snowmobile and ATV with sledges to your use for the day. And all the Artalli’s premises will be in your private use to insure total privasy for you and guests.


Also transportations, accommodations and other services can be tailored in to our offer. So contact us and tell us your wishes and we will make an offer for a truly unique and unforgettable experience in this winter wonderland!