Day of boating from Artalli

Come and enjoy boating on a lake, river and the unique archipelago, all in one trip!


The unique location of our restaurant Artalli at Lake Vikträsk, provides many possibilities for unforgettable experiences on water with boats or canoes and kayaks. With our big boat Hauki, we can take you on a journey from the lake Vikträsk thru Pikkala River and floodgates in to the Baltic Sea and the unique Finnish archipelago. 

The lake and the rivers at Artalli are in their natural state and they represent Finnish nature at its best.  

The Finnish archipelago is an experience in itself. With the thousands of small islands, it’s constantly changing scenery to be enjoyed with or without fishing.

Delicious meals can be prepared on a open fire at one of the islands and an seal colony can be visited at a remote light house.

Allso sauna can be heated to be ready when we come back to Artalli and dinner can be served in Artallis cozy dining room.


Boating trip with our big boat Hauki, to archipelago from Artalli starts from 400 € / 12 people / 2 hours trip


So contact us and we will tell you more of the unique bossibilities for an unforgettable day of boating at Artalli!