When you come to a fishing trip

Come and enjoy fishing with us – safely!


Every fishing trip starts with basic safety instructions and you will find more detailed instructions in every boat, in case of emergency. We hope that our customers do ask as if there is anything puzzling them concerning safety. 

All our boats are inspected by sea safety officials and they are equipped with all required safety equipments and floating devises. Also comfortable automatic life vests are offered for every participant. We always have first aid kits in the boats and with us in every occasion. 


Persons responsible on safety 


Henrik Rehbinder is responsible for safety in general and in every event or fishing trip made by Vapaaherranelämää, guide / captain of the boat is responsible for the safety of the customers. In every case the guide / captain makes the final decisions on what to do and these decisions must be respected for the safety of everyone. All our guides have periodic education in first aid and all the boat captains / guides have a degree in seafaring and many years of experience of boating in the tricky waters of Finnish archipelago.

Vapaaherranelämää has liability insurance.


Fishing license


All the participants of ages 18 to 64 taking part in any fishing, except angling with fishing poles and ice fishing, need to have a state fishing license.  In 2012 the license coasts 7 euros/7 days or for the whole year 22 Euros. Also license for the fishing region must be paid, in case we don’t have a permit to fish on that particular area. This cost is 7 €/ 7 days or 29 €/ year, and you will find more information on licenses and how to pay them from here  

In case Vapaaherranelämää takes care of these licenses, customers have to forward the names of the participants no later than two days before the trip.


Fishing gear and equipments


We provide all the needed fishing gear, but you can also bring your own if you want to do so. We don’t charge anything on missing lures or broken fishing gear, as long they are used as guided. If you lose or break our gear or equipments by handling them against our instructions, they will be charged for their value. If you like our fishing gear you can also buy them and take them with you after the fishing trip.  


“Dress code”


Basic rule is: wear something warm and comfortable. 

We have warm outdoor/ boating clothing for 30 persons, but you are most welcome to bring your own outdoor clothes as well. Please note that even if the weather is sunny and warm, in the sea it is always a bit colder. You can ask us for the weather conditions before your trip, or you can check them from:  HYPERLINK “http://www.ilmatieteenlaitos.fi/merisaa-ja-itameri”www.ilmatieteenlaitos.fi/merisaa-ja-itameri 


Possible illnesses, allergies, etc.


Mainly all the fishing trips and events can be arranged despite of any exceptional, but do inform us if there are any participants with any of these. This way we can plan ahead and make the fishing trip as convenient to every participant than possible. 




Please do contact us in advance, if you need more information!