Cast Fishing / Spin Fishing

Cast Fishing / Spin Fishing


In Finnish language all the different ways of fishing that includes casting the lure are called “heittokalastus” = cast fishing. And that is why we decided to put all of these different techniques under this same category. 

We mainly use different kinds of Jigs and many different styles to fish with them but also Jerk baits, Swim baits, Spinner baits, Spoons, Minnows, Live bait, Tube flies and other lures is used, based on the season and the wanted catch.


We mostly use high quality and easy to use spinning reels with braided fishing lines and carbon rods for great feel to fishing and strikes.

Overhead reels are usually used for fishing pike with jerk baits and for other methods that require long casts or the use of heavy lures.

These of course are always chosen to best suit the used lures and techniques for each game fish.   


Whit these methods we go after the most popular game fishes in Finland  which are perch, pike-perch (walleye/zander), pike and sea trout. The best fishing seasons are in spring, early summer and in the autumn. Pike-perch fishing is great also in the summer and perch can be caught thru out the open water season. For sea trout fishing you must be prepared to spend the whole day out at sea and the best chances of caching one are in early spring and late autumn.

These different types of “cast fishing” can be done from shoreline and piers as well as from boats. For fishing from shore we can arrange guides and gear for up to 50 people. From boats these fishing methods are usually recommended for maximum of four people / boat, but from our ultimate fishing boat Hauki, there is room for even 10 people for jigging perch or pike-perch at the same time! 

For bigger croups we can arrange as many skilled guides and boats as needed.


So contact us and tell the date you want to go fishing and we will take you to best places for trying out the best fishing methods for that particular date and time!