Talvikalastusta Artallilla

Ice Fishing

A true northern experience that doesn’t leave anyone cold!


Ice fishing is a great way to enjoy from beautiful Finnish winter scenery and catch some fish at the same time. 

Ice fishing is very easy to learn, but it takes years of practise to know where the fish are and what kind of lures and bait to use. We have that experience and the best equipment for catching fish, even to groups of 50 people. After taking you to the best places and drilling holes in to the ice all you need to do is relax, jig the bait and wait for fish to bite. The out door clothes and hot drinks that we provide will keep you warm so that you can fully enjoy the unforgettable experience of ice fishing.               


The ice conditions wary from year to year, but usually ice fishing season starts in end of December and continues to the end of March.

During this time we do all-inclusive ice fishing trips to whole Helsinki region, but the best place to try this form of fishing is at our lakeside restaurant & sauna Artalli. There we have a snowmobile and an ATV with sledges at your use, to make ice fishing experience all that more exiting. 


You can read more from few examples of our ice fishing trips, but do contact us if you are interested in this exotic form of fishing and we will tell you more of the many possibilities that we offer at Artalli and Helsinki region.