Ison kuhan kalastusta

Fishing trip with a BIG boat

Come and experience the ultimate fishing boat!


In 2009 journalist Jari Tuiskunen from ERÄ, the most sold fishing magazine in Finland wrote in he’s article: “I have newer cast fished from a better boat” after spending two days jigging from our monster of a boat, Hauki.

This vessel waits you in the pier of Artalli. Ready to take even 12 people on an unforgettable fishing trip to lake Vikträsk, Pikkala river and the Baltic sea, all in one trip!

Hauki is Finnish word for pike and with this boat we do fishing exactly like one. Go strait and fast to the best fishing spot, fish that spot efficiently and then move to the next one and start all over a gain.


We can take with us some 30 rods and thousands of lures so that no matter what kind of fishing is to be done, we always have the right gear with us. And there is plenty of room for cold and hot drinks, food and snack, and for what ever is needed for a perfect day of fishing.  


All-inclusive fishing trips with Hauki starts from 800 € and the group size can be from 1 to 12 people.









We always do tailored offers for fishing trips, so contact us and we will tell you more on the many possibilities for a day of fishing with a BIG boat!