Vapaaherranelämää`s goal is to organise exclusive events, tailored to customers wishes with fishing, boating and other activities in the beautiful Finnish nature, combined with outstanding food !

Vapaaherranelämää is a Finnish saying and roughly translated means easy living, and that is exactly what we offer to our customers. 

Company was founded in the year 2004 by Henrik Rehbinder, but the idea came way back in the 90`s when he started working on the thought of combining chefs profession and the love for fishing and the outdoors. 


“ My Interest in cooking started in a very traditional way, in my mother’s kitchen. At the end of my primary school there was no doubt about my future choice of profession. So I started studying to be a chef.

The Actual work as a chef I started in 1990, on the side with the studies in Restaurant School Perho. After graduating from Perho I spent couple of years working on the seas, first on the Mine ship Pohjanmaa in the Finnish Navy and after my military service on Silja Symphony. 

As a head Chef I worked in different Helsinki Restaurants from 1994 on. 

Enthusiasm for fishing started from almost birth, at our seaside family summer kottage. After getting my first fishing rod at the age of four, there was no coming back. Boating followed fishing with a rowboat and sailing dinghy, that were in heavy use from the age of six. By the years the boats got bigger and one could say I spent my youth life vest on more or less 24/7 as boating and fishing took most of my time.

After those days the man matured and the fishing armada has grown, but the passion for fishing and the surrounding nature has stayed the same as with the little kid who I used to be. And that is also the attitude I still have for the food I cook and this passion I want to share to our customers on the fishing trips we do and in the food we serve”

The foundations of service have been from the start good immediate service and delicious handmade food respecting the best local seasonal ingredients. 

Vapaaherranelämää and Artalli are family owned businesses and with our dedicated staff of professionals we always put our heart and soul in to every occasion.


We warmly welcome you to spend a day of easy living!


Henrik Rehbinder & Staff